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Below are a just  ‘few’ of Photo-graphic’s baseball & basketball collectables.
Note: Photo-graphic holds the licenses (trademarks & copyrights) to all box score cards, sets & prints.
We have worked with the following Major League teams through our box score product line:
Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants & Chicago White Sox in addition to MLB & the MLB Players Association.

COL001 – The Rare Signature Set

Certified accessed value: $ 2,250,000
Currently not for sale

This priceless signature set is a unique collection of 325 card signatures on 107 historic box score game cards … all part of one set.  It includes over 119 HOF signatures and 157 signatures by players that have passed away since signing a card. 
In the collection of these autographs (over 30 years) an enormous amount of documentation is available to support the authenticity of each and every autograph. The set’s box is registered #1, signed by the set’s architect, designer and author.  
There is no baseball collectible that rivals the set in shear historical content  … simply none.
Note: Click link below to view autograph(s) within each set’s series.

Regular Season Signatures

Pennant Races Signatures

World Series Signatures

Pennant Races - 0032 (1982)

Overview: This special signature set includes signatures from the 1932 World Series card (Ruth’s called shot game); to the first ever Colorado Rockies game (1993) when Bob Smith threw a shutout for the Rockies. And in between? There are famous home run signatures such as: 1941 All Star box score game card (Ted Williams), 1946 AL play-off (Lou Boudreau),1951 NL play-off (Bobby Thomson), 1954 (Dusty Rhodes), 1960 WS (Bill Mazeroski), 1975 (Carlton Fisk), 1977 WS (Reggie Jackson), !987 RS (Mark McGwire), 1988 WS (Kirk Gibson) and 1993 WS (Joe Carter). That’s only touching the surface with historic game signatures such as Mel Harder’s on the 1934 All Star box score.  You say what? Well remember Carl Hubbell’s performance in that game, Harder pitched five shutout innings for the AL.  And there is multiple signature box score game cards as well: the Impossible Dream Team (1967 – ten signatures), the Miracle Mets (1969 – eight signatures), 1962 NL playoff Dodgers & Giants (six Hall-of-Famers) and the 1975 WS Fenway classic (ten signatures – seven Hall-of-Famers).  All on box score game cards!   Every tom-dick-and-harry has signatures on balls, bats, gloves, hats, shirts you name it … but box score game cards with over 100 deceased players.  Enjoy viewing the signatures & cards.We offer our original box score card set with or without player’s signatures.

In addition:
The baseball image (painting used) that adorns the box score set and the first press sheet (the wrap) of the box (signed) are included: 


Note: View our ‘Signature Set’ for autographs that may be available.

Open Auction Price: N/A.

COL002 – Original Box Score Set

Base price:   $ 175.00 (unsigned & shipped)          
Currently included:  N/A

COL002A – Original Box Score Sets

We would consider an auction bid for all the remaining sets in storage.
Note: The sets are in mint condition and would be numbered and signed.   

Starting auction price has not been established.
Note: Each year we donate a few sets to children hospitals & educational centers, homeless organizations, cancer research centers, environment & animal protection organizations, etc.   These donations have proven to be a hoe run for the above organizations.

COL004 – The Box Score Print Collections

See auction prices below

This box score print collection consists of six prints, all #1 press sheets.
Would consider selling the six collectibles as a package.
Prints are trademarked & copyrighted.

Print # 1

Print # 2

Print # 3

The Original Box Score Print

The Shot – 
Michael Jordan
Box Score Print

2004 Red Sox
Box Score Print 

Print # 4

Print # 5

Print # 6

The Impossible Dream Pennant Race Print  Boston Box Score Print

Box Score Print #1:
  The Original Box Score Print (1983)

  • First ever baseball box score print, card or set.
  • #1 press sheet, signed by the architect, designer and  artist certified by Photo-graphic.
  • Mounted on Plax board and UV sealed.
  • Printed 40 years ago in pristine condition  

Note: 5000 pieces sold in Sport Illustrated, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Yankee Magazine, etc.
Opening auction bid: $ 4000


Box Score Print #2:  The Shot – Michael Jordan

  • First ever basketball box score print.
  • #1 press sheet, signed by the architect, designer and  artist certified by Photo-graphic.
  • Jordan & teammates names are painted by the artist.
  • Printed on canvas & UV treated.

Opening auction bid if for sale: $ 8,000


Box Score Print #3:  2004 Red Sox Box Score Print (2004)

  • Contracted by NYT / Boston Red Sox for this box score print of the 2004 Red Sox historic championship season.
  • Three press sheets (#1, #2, #3), each signed by the architect, designer and artist & certified by Photo-graphic. 
  • Each press has at least 17 signatures including all the key players, manager Terry Francona, and general manager Theo Epstein.

Note: Click icon in table above to view each autograph signature
Opening auction bid: $ 12,000


Box Score Print #4:  The Impossible Dream Season (1967)

  • First standalone baseball box score print featuring the Red Sox 1967 Impossible Dream season.
  • Exclusive signing by 1967 MLB / AL MVP Carl Yastrzemski.
  • Mounted and printed on canvas.

Opening auction bid: $ 1,800


Highlights Print #5:  The Pennant Race (1988)

  • A first ever press clipping print using captions (game headings) for 25 MLB historic pennant races.
  • #1 press sheet, signed by the architect, designer and artist & certified by Photo-graphic.
  • Printed 1988
  • Production – 100 pieces.
  • Mounted on Plax board and UV sealed.
  • Printed 35 years ago

Opening auction bid: $ 1,500


Box Score Print #6:  Boston Box Score (1996)

  • A 1st ever Boston baseball box score print symbolising the history of
    professional baseball in Boston since 1800’s. 
  • Production – 250 pieces
  • #1 press sheet, signed by the architect, designer and artist & certified by Photo-graphic. 
  • Printed 30 years ago

Opening auction bid: $ 1,500

COL004 – The Original Box Score Puzzle

Certified accessed value: $ 1,000.
Press Edition #1 & 2#

Original Box Score Puzzle – In order to promote the Original Box Score print, Photo-graphic mounted 200 of the posters and dye cut them into a puzzle. Because a new dye cut would be expensive and only 200 to be cut, Photo-graphic borrowed a used Playboy dye cut.  That’s why if you look closely at the display below you will see a bunny piece.

AAAA Puzzle 1  < Front     AAAA Puzzle 2  < Back    < 100 Pieces 

Note: Only two of the sets were signed.

Height:                 18″
Circumference:     5.25″
Puzzle Size:          26″ x 40″ (big)

Price:                   $ 1000.00
Condition:            Excellent

COL005 – The Fenway Print Collection 

Twelve Fenway Prints – Custom Order

Sized:           48″ x 54″ (very big)
Price:            $ 2,800.00
Condition:     Original file 

Fenway Park Canvas Print
– Taken over thirty-five years ago during a Yankee / Red rain delay. This is a rare image of Fenway without all the advertising. The sale is for the original file to do whatever the purchaser wants. 

COL006 – Custom Signature Requests 

If available, Photo-graphic will consider special requests for a variety of combinations of signatures from our signature library, below is a sample.  Note: Signature (s) sales come with an original set signed & numbered.

The ‘pitch … then … the Hit!’


Comment:  The above set of cards  … from our original box score set … are three of MLB most historic home runs.  And what makes these signed cards so valuable is that not only did the player who hit home run signed the box score game card but the pitcher who threw the pitch. All walk-offs!
1. 1951 Pennant (Thompson / Blanca)
2. 1960 World Series (Mazeroski / Terry)
3. 1988 World Series (Gibson / Eckersley)
Note: The cards come with an original set and certification. 

COL007 – Red Sox 2004 Championship
Box Score Signatures 

Photo-graphic offers over 20 different player autographs on the player’s most significant box score game card in 2004  … below is a sample.  Only a few Red Sox 2004 Championship sets are left.

David Oritz’s Signature  

Note:  Box score game card: Most famous & most significant home run in Red Sox history.  2004 American League Championship series, game #4 verses Yankees … Ortiz’s home run signature.
Comes with numbered & signed set.
The Boston Red Sox / New York Times / Boston Globe contracted Photo-graphic to produced this box score card set celebrating the 2004 championship. 

Sized:                   6″ x 9.5″
Certified:              Papers
Condition:           Mint

Players: Ortiz, Varitek, Schilling,  Martinez,  Ramirez, Epstein, Lowe, Nixon, Fouke,
Damon, Belhorn, Cabrara, Wakefield, Roberts, Embree, Leskanic, Timlin,

Over 1000 Signatures on Box Score Game Cards

Starting with the oldest recorded signed box score card (1932) by Frank Crosetti, these signatures many rare, can only be viewed by appointment.  However, used the link to the Priceless Signature Set to view over 225+ signature of box score game cards.

Note: All the Hall of Fame players that participated in the above game starting with Ruth & Gehrig and the historic baseball news of that June day.  This signed card is one of many that is available.

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