Boston Red Sox – Collector Card Set

red-sox-ortiz-2004-box-cover    Red Sox Display

The set was created for the Boston Globe / New York Times to celebrate the Red Sox first championship in 86 years and Ortiz’s incredible season & playoff run.  Only 2500 were approved for sale.  At the time 1000 of the 2500 were signed and numbered (by the graphic artist) and shrink wrapped.
If you are a real Red Sox fan and you understand that players like Ortiz or Pedro only come around once in a lifetime … then take the plunge and buy a set.
They’s kool!

*  30 Historic box score game cards
*  Cards are sized at 6″ x 9.5″ (big)
*  Cards are printed on a premium poster grade stock
* Classic Boston Globe sports page …. on each box score game card
Price: $ 30.00  

Click the individual image below to view the card

World Series Cards (verses Cardinals)

Cards’ newspaper side (click image)

    WS Game # 1 (pic)      WS Game # 2 (pic)     WS Game # 3 (pic)     WS Game # 4 (pic)

Cards’ box score side (click image)

WS Game # 1 (box)     WS Game # 2 (box)     WS Game # 3 (box)     WS Game # 4 (box)

Championship Series Cards (verses Yankees)

 Series Cards’ newspaper side (click image)

LPlayoff - Game #1 (pic)  LPlayoff - Game #2 (pic)  LPlayoff - Game #3 (pic)  LPlayoff - Game #4 (pic)  LPlayoff - Game #5 (pic) LPlayoff - Game #6 (pic)   LPlayoff - Game #7 (pic)

 Series Cards’ box score side (click image)

LPlayoff - Game #1 (box)  LPlayoff - Game #2 (box)  LPlayoff - Game #3 (box)  LPlayoff - Game #4 (box)  LPlayoff - Game #5 (box)  LPlayoff - Game #6 (box)  LPlayoff - Game #7 (box)

Division Series Cards (verses Angels)

Series Cards’ newspaper side (click image)

 DPlayoff - Game #1 (pic)   DPlayoff - Game #2 (pic)  DPlayoff - Game #3 (pic)

Series Cards’ box score side (click image)

  DPlayoff - Game #1 (box)   DPlayoff - Game #3 (box)  DPlayoff - Game #1 (box)

Regular Season (16 Fenway Gems)

Series Cards’ newspaper side 1 – 8 (click image)

FW1-AP11 Px  FW2-AP19 P  FW3-MY07 P  FW4-MY25 P  FW5-MY30 P  FW6-JU08 P  FW7-JU11 P  FW8 -JU22 P

Series Cards’ box score side 1 – 8  (click image)

 FW1-AP11 B  FW1-AP11 B   FW3 - MY07 B  FW4-MY25 B  FW5-MY30 B  FW6-JU08 B  FW7-JU11 B  FW8-JU22 Bx

Series Cards’ newspaper side 9 – 16 (click image)

FW10-JL08 P  FW10-JL08 P  FW11-JL10 P  FW12-JL24 P  FW13-AU14 P  FW14-AU29 P  FW15-SE22 P FW16-SE26 P

Series Cards’ box score side 9 – 16  (click image)

  FW9-JU27 B FW10-JL08 B   FW11-JL10 B  FW12-JL24 B  FW13-AU14 B  FW14-AU29 B  FW15-SE22 B  FW16-SE26 B


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