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Baseball’s 1st Ever Box Score Collector’s Set

Baseball Box Score Signature Set – Priceless! 

Note: This extremely valuable card set that has 109 box score cards signed by 290+ players, starting with a game card in 1932, that’s 89 years ago!   The set includes signatures of HOF’s and the everyday player on some of the greatest regular season, pennant races & World Series box score games ever played.  And if that’s not enough many of these signatures were being collected years ago when very few people could anticipate how valuable a box score game card signature would become especially by a deceased player of which this set includes 120 deceased player signatures. 

  1932     1945   1975

Collectables & auction items.

Note: We have well over 1000 rare & historic signed box score cards. Our baseball Box Score Signature Set alone has over 290 signatures and has been appraised at over $ 300,000. However, it is not for sale.
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Private productions 

Baseball (in the works): To complement our original set: The Baseball’s Steroid Era & Baseball’s 50 Most Famous Box Scores as determined by our Podcast fans. 
Superbowl Set working on copyrights … and we were contracted to do a Tom Brady set but as you know.
Box Score Prints (private edition requests):
Jordan, Koufax, Rivera, Yaz, Jim Brown, Jeter, Clemens, Ruth, Gehrig, Ted Williams & Jack Nicklaus.  

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