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Below are a few of our baseball collectibles that we are offering for sale.  

Collectibles Section

COL001 – Original Box Score Set
We offer our original box score card set with or without player’s signatures on historic games. In most cases, the player (s) that signed the game card played a significant role in the historic game hence the value of his signature.  In addition, the player’s signature may have additional value depending on his career and if he is deceased.

Base price:   $ 165.00 (unsigned) / $ 200.00 (signed & numbered)           

Currently included
   Included is a signed box score card of our choice either that of a HOF or a player whom role in the the game was significant. 

COL002 – Original Box Score Poster 

          111-baseball-display-orginal-box-score     AAAAAA-1
Original Box Score Poster
– T
his is the first ever box score product … a collection of historic box score games.  This poster was produced long before the internet & computers with the typeset hand done.  It was produced in 1983 and over 5000 + were sold.  Of the 5000, 12 were numbered as press sheets.  

Size:            26″ x 40″
        Art Plaq board, laminated (UV filter) 
         $ 500.00 (firm)
Condition:   Mint

Important note:
This is an artist proof sheet # 5 and certified by the author / artist. In other words this was identified as the fifth sheet to come off the press. Only twelve were so noted out of 5000 + sheets printed. 


COL003 – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Red Sox Impossible Dream (1967)  

          111-baseball-display-boston-poster     111-baseball-display-boston-poster-lonborg-auto
Boston Box Score Poster
This print was produced over 25 years ago and represents twelve (12) of the greatest games played in Boston during the 20th Century … Beaneaters, Red Sox & Braves)  &  one 19th Century game. The print is signed and numbered by the artist.  And, it is signed by Jim Lonborg on the box score of his famous pennant clinching performance fifty years ago (1967).

Important note: These are artist proof sheets certified by the artist signature.  Approximately 500 prints were produced and only 10 artist proofs.

Size:           26″ x 40″
Mount:       Art Plaq board, laminated (UV filter)
Price:          $ 200.00 / signed by Lonborg
Condition:  Mint

COL004 – ‘Pennant’ Clinching Print 

Pennant Clinching Print – This unique print was produced over 25 years ago representing some of baseball’s greatest pennant races during the 20th Century. Only 250 prints were produced and a couple signed by the artist.
Very colorful.

Size:              26″ x 40″
Mount:          Art Plaq board, laminated
Price:             $ 350.00
Condition:     Mint / signed by the artist / with papers
Shipping:    No charge 

Important note: Only few remain out of the 250 that were produced.


COL005 – Original Box Score Puzzle 

AAAA Puzzle 1  < Front     AAAA Puzzle 2  < Back    < 100 Pieces 

Original Box Score Puzzle – In order to promote the Original Box Score print, Photo-graphic mounted 200 of the posters and dye cut them into a puzzle.
History: Because 
a new the dye cut would be expensive and only 200 cut, Photo-graphic borrowed a used Playboy dye cut.  That’s why if you look closely at the display above you will see a bunny piece.

Note: Only two of the sets were signed of which we have both.

Height:                 18″
Circumference:     5.25″
Puzzle Size:          26″ x 40″ (big)

Price:                   $ 1000.00
Condition:            Excellent


COL006 – Rare Fenway Park Image … talk about social distancing. 

Sized:           40″ x 44″ (very big)
Price:            $ 2000.00
Condition:     Mint

Fenway Park Canvas Print
– Taken over twenty five years age during a Yankee / Red rain delay this is a rare image of Fenway without all the advertising. 
It is printed on canvas. mounted on stretch boards, framed, protected with three UV layers and signed.  Sized at 40″ x 44″ … it is very large. 

Signature Collectible Card Section
COL007 – The ‘pitch’ … then … the ‘HIT’! 


Comment:  The above set of cards  … from our original box score set … are five of MLB most historic home runs.  And what makes these signed cards so valuable is that not only did the player who hit home run signed the box score game card but the pitcher who threw the pitch. All walk-offs!
1. 1951 Pennant (Thompson / Blanca)
2. 1960 World Series (Mazeroski / Terry)
2. 1975 World Series (Fisk / Darcy) … to be posted
4. 1988 World Series (Gibson / Eckersley)
5. 1993 World Series (Carter / Williams) … to be posted  

Note: The cards come with an original set and certification.  .
Price: Private sale
 COL008 – Bobby Doerr Collection 

Comment:  The above set of cards  … from our original box score set … are historic Red Sox game cards that Bobby Doerr played in and played well.  What makes this set of cards unique is that the games on an average were played almost 70 years ago … World Series game (71 years ago), pennant race game (69 years ago)  & the regular season game (67 years ago).  In addition to Doerr being a HOF, he signed the three of them at the rip old age of 99, the oldest living player to sign a box score card.

Note: The cards come with an original set and certification.  
PricePrivate sale

COL009 – Don Newcombe Collection

Comment:   Three years (1949, 1950, 1951) in a row the Dodgers went to the final day of the season needing a victory to win the NL flag.  Each time they went with same starting pitcher, Don Newcombe. Incredible!  
Above is Newcombe’s autograph on each box score game card. Pretty special, a one-of-kind series item and the fact that Newcombe is  now deceased.

Note: The cards come with an original set and certification.
PricePrivate sale

 COL010 – Box Score Bat


Comment:  The bat (image) above is a sample of the Box Score bat we produced and have trademarked.
Note: We only produce one per each player, currently just hall-of-famers.  If you have a player that you are interested in, please contact us to see if his bat is still available.

Price: $ 350.00

2004 Red Sox Collectibles Section   

2004  Red Sox: COLRS01 –  Collector Print (17 signatures)  

S3 - Print (Red Sox Display)
Click the box below to view icon below to view each signature (17)

 S3 - Ortiz  Ortiz      S 3 - Varitek, Schilling  Varitek, Schilling      S3 - Martinez  Martinez   S3 - Ramirez   Ramirez
S 3 - Lowe, Nixon, Fouke   Lowe, Nixon & Fouke        Series 3 - Damon, Cabrera, Bellhorn   Damon, Belhorn & Cabrara
S3 - Wakefield   Wakefield    S3 - Roberts, Embree, Leskanic  Roberts, Embree & Leskanic     S3 - Timlin, Certification  Timlin & Certification
Marbelli autograph has been added.

Sized:                    24″ x 36″ 
Press Sheet:         # 3 (certified) 
Condition:             Near Mint
Price:                    $ 3800.00 
Boston Red Sox 2004 Collector Print:

A little history: Contracted by the Boston Globe/ New York Times / Boston Red Sox after the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years,  Photo-graphic created and printed 1500 of this print of which the first 50 were signed by the artist.
The print: Not only does it have seventeen autographs from the 2004 Red Sox championship team but this is press sheet # 3. That’s right #3!  

Note: Press sheets 1 & 2 are not for sale.  Print comes with certification papers.


2004  Red Sox: COLRS02 –  Collector’s Package (Set & Print)  

sale-d-red-sox-card-set-signature       Red Sox 2004 Collector Card Set 
A - Red Sox Poster 2004      Red Sox 2004 Collector Print

Note:  A few signed (by the artist) in 2005 are available. 


2004  Red Sox: COLRS03 –  David Oritz Signature  

Note:  Box score game card: Most famous & most significant home run in Red Sox history.  2004 American League Championship series, game #4 verses Yankees … Ortiz’s home run signature.  Comes with numbered & signed set.

Sized:                   6″ x 9.5″
Certified:              Papers
Condition:           Mint
Price:                   $ 375.00 


2004  Red Sox: COLRS04 –  Pedro Martinez Signature  

Note:  Box score game card: Pedro’s master piece 2004 World Series game #3 verses Cards.  Comes with numbered & signed set.

Sized:                   6″ x 9.5″
Certified:              Papers
Condition:           Mint
Price:                   $ 275.00 


Special Collectibles

We have over 1000 signed box score cards, paintings, first edition bats, etc. If interested feel free to contact us.

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