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Baseball’s 1st Ever Box Score Collector’s Set
Note: Celebrating the 25th year, we hope to add another series to the above set that will include 36 – 72 of the most significant games played since 1993.  And in addition, we are in the initial phase of developing an interactive box score game. Be sure to checkout our award winning 1800series.  

Collectibles, auction items, historic signatures, etc.
Note: We have well over 1000 rare & historic signed box score cards. Our baseball Box Score Signature Set alone has over 290 signatures and has been appraised at over $ 250,000. However it is not for sale.
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Baseball Box Score Signature Set – Priceless! 

       1932     1945    1975

Note: This extremely valuable card set has 106 of its 216 box score cards signed by 290+ players, starting with a game card in 1932, that’s 89 years ago!   The set includes signatures of HOF’s and the everyday player on some of the greatest regular season, pennant races & World Series box score games. And if that’s not enough many of these signatures were being collected years ago when very few people could anticipated how valuable a box score game card signature would become especially by a deceased player, 120 of those  

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