Baseball – Priceless Signature Set (World Series – Autographs)

The autograph(s) below are historic World Series signed box score game cards and represent a player(s) who for the most part had a significant role in the historic World Series game. The signatures range from one of the game’s great, Frank Crosetti (1932 game card,85 years ago); to an average career player, Don Larsen whom pitched the greatest game (1956) in World Series history.
A few stats: this World Series series includes 21 HOF’s and 26+ players that have passed away since signing a World Series box score game card.

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Important note:
If you want to understand the significance of an autograph (s) click the ‘Video Highlights’ link for that game. Really cool!

 World Series Card #0018 – October 1, 1932

Autograph(s): Frank Crosetti (D).

Comment: Crosetti arrived at Yankee Stadium in 1932, a teammate of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. On this day he was the Yankee shortstop when Ruth hit his famed ”called shot” home run against the Cubs at Wrigley Field. He would later drive  rookie Joe DiMaggio from California to the Yankees’ training camp in Florida in 1936. He would shake Roger Maris’s hand after his record-breaking 61st home run in 1961. And, last season in New York, 1968, was the final year of Mickey Mantle’s career. He was and always will be known as Mr. Yankee.
This is the second oldest ‘dated’ box score game card signature.  A rare signature.

Video highlights of the famous game:

Player’s history:
Grade Level (Box Score Game Card): 8.6

World Series Card #0019 – October  9, 1941

Autograph(s):Tommy Henrich (D); Mickey Owen (D).

Comment:  Owen, showed his class by signing this box score game card despite his infamous pass ball of the game ending third strike that cost the Dodgers the game … and quite conceivably the series.  And, who was the Yankee at bat? Henrich known as ‘The Clutch’ and ‘Old Reliable’.  Two historic signatures on the same box score game card … nice.

Video highlights of the famous game: 

Player’s history:
Grade Level (Box Score Game Card): 8.8

World Series Card #0020 – October  15, 1946

Autograph(s) – Pesky (D); D. DiMaggio (D); Garagiola (D); Slaughter (HOF – D); Doerr (HOF); Schoendienst (HOF);

Comment: The game & autographs.  First off you have Joe Garagiola whom played nine seasons, became a successful baseball broadcaster, received a lifetime achievement award from MLB and in this World Series had more hits than Ted Williams. Next, you have two HO second basemen Schoendienst and Doerr. And lastly, you have the three principals in the historic play that decided the 1946 World Series; Slaughter, Pesky and DiMaggio.  A special card.
Note: DiMaggio claimed to me if he hadn’t been taken out just prior to the ‘play’, Slaughter would never had made it home. Funny thing about that statement is that Slaughter told me the opposite  and said DiMaggio is dreaming.

Video highlights of the famous game:  

Player’s history:
Grade Level (Box Score Game Card): 8.4

World Series Card #0021 – October  3, 1947

Autograph(s) – Rizzuto (HOF – D); Henrich (D);

Comment: Once again ‘Mr. Clutch’ (Henrich) was right in the middle of an historic play.  As for Rizzuto, not only was he a HOF shortstop but he later became the voice of the Yankees.  Some Yankee historians will tell you he was the greatest Yankee shortstop prior to Derek Jetter. Definitely checkout the article side of this card.

Video highlights of the famous game:

Player’s history:
Grade Level (Box Score Game Card): 7.8  

World Series Card #0022 – September 29, 1954

Autograph(s):Rhodes (D), Doby (HOF – D), Dark (D), Lockman  (D), Mays (HOF), Mueller (D), Grissom;                          

Comment: A 420 foot out (Mays’ catch) and a 250+ home run (Rhodes three-run homer) took all the steam out of a great Indian team. To this day the Indian franchise has never fully recovered from that game .. though they did come within one out in 2016 of redemption.  Quite a range of autographs: From a rookie (Mays) that everyone knew was going to be great: to the player (Doby) who carried the Indians in this game and for the 1954 season; to an unlikely hero (Rhodes). A valuable collectible box score game card.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):8.3

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0023 – October 4, 1955

Autograph(s): Podres (D);
                      Or select card #2: Podres (D), Ford (HOF), Berra (HOF – D), Zimmer (D), McDougald (D), Turley (D), Byrne (D) 

Comment: After five tries against the Yankees in the World Series, the Dodgers finally beat the Bronx Bombers to win their first WS. Johnny Podres would not only win this historic game but eight years later he would beat the Yanks again in Game # 3 of the 1963 Series when the Los Angles swept New York … the first and only time in Yankee their history.  An historic signed box score game card.

Video Highlights : 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
Grade Level
(Box Score Game Card):

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0024 – October 8, 1956

Autograph(s): Larsen (D):
                       Or select card #2: Larsen (D), Berra (HOF – D)

Comment: What can you say … look at the Dodger’s box score and it tells the whole story. Larsen, with a career record of 35-45, on this day pitched the only perfect game in World Series history.  As for card #2, in addition to Larsen’s autograph you have Yogi Berra who called this historic game and has more World Series rings as a player than any other player in MLB history. An historic signed box score game card.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):9

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0025 – October 13, 1960

Autograph(s): Mazeroski (HOF);
                        Or select card #2: Mazeroski (HOF) & Richardson.

Comment: Two unlikely heroes of the 1960 World Series … both light hitting second basemen. Yet, one (Bill Mazeroski) hits the most dramatic home run in Series history and the other (Bobby Richardson) outhit all the Yankee & Buc sluggers to win the series MVP … even though the Yankees lost the Series.
Two very valuable signed box score game cards. Hard to select which card is more valuable.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):9

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0026 – October 2, 1968

Autograph(s):Gibson (HOF), Brock (HOF), Kaline (HOF – D);
                      Or select card #2: Gibson (HOF); McClain.

Comment: A classic World Series match up.  First the opposing pitchers: Denny McClain for the Tigers with thirty-one (31) regular season wins  … the only thirty-game winner in the last 81 years … verses Bob Gibson, a mere twenty-two game winner whom would record the lowest regular season ERA in MLB history (1.12).  Add HOF, Al Kaline (Mr. Tiger) with HOF, Lou Brock’s … one of the great base steal-er’s in MLB history … and you have two special signed box score game cards.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card):9.2

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0027 – October 16, 1969

Autograph(s): Weiss, Harrelson, Koosman, Charles, Grote, Clandenon (D), Swoboda, Jones;
                       Or select card #2: F. Robinson (HOF), Weaver (HOF – D), Blair (D), Koosman.

Comment:  1969 was an historic year in American history.  Some events good (we landed a man on the moon); some events not so good (Vietnam); some events, who could have predicted (Woodstock); and then the unpredictable, the Amazin Mets … 1969 World Champs.  If you were old enough in ’69 then you know that the players (autographed above) were household names for millions of Americans who made us feel good about who we were regardless of our allegiance. The value of these signatures on this historic box score game card … what can be said.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):9.3

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0028 – October 4, 1971

Autograph(s): B. Robinson (HOF), Bruce Kison;

Comment: An historic game that defined the landscape for future World Series. The first night game in World Series history.
Note: Having the winning pitcher of the game, Bruce Kison along with HOF Brooks Robinson is a perfect compliment to this priceless set.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card):5.5

Player’s history:  

World Series Card #0029 – October 21, 1975

Autograph(s): Bench (HOF), Perez (HOF), Morgan (HOF), Anderson (HOF-D), Rice (HOF), Fisk (HOF), Rose, Lynn, Tiant, Carbo, Wise;

Comment:  This is loaded … maybe the most valuable box score card in this the signature set.  First off, the game was delayed two days due to rain and the networks, teams, everyone was on edge.  The young and talented Sox were facing elimination against the Big Red Machine; Pete Rose & Joe Morgan were at their ornery best … among other things … complaining that Tiant’s move to first was a balk. Then it was time to play ball. With six HOFs signatures along with Rose, Bernie Carbo, etc. made this a very, very rare signed box score game card.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card):Priceless

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0030 – October 18, 1977

Autograph(s): Jackson (HOF), Piniella, Lyle, Torrez, Nettles;

Comment: Yes, it was the Reggie Jackson show … three homers in the final game.  But the other autographs are significant as well because they represented the true makeup of this Yankee team that was able to win the pennant and beat a exceptional Dodger team.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):8.2

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0031 – October 26, 1985

Autograph(s): Iorg:
                      Or select card #2: O. Smith (HOF), Iorg, Coleman.

Comment:  Despite losing the first two games at home in this 1985 World Series, the Kansas City Royals won the title on Dana Iorg’s pinch hit, walk-off single.  Add HOFOssie Smith’s autograph (some people consider the greatest fielding shortstop of all-time) to the mix and you have a pretty special autographed card.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):8.8

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0032 – October 25, 1986

Autograph(s): Buckner, M. Wilson:
                      Or select card #2: Buckner, Stanley, Schiraldi, Henderson(D), Evans, Rice (HOF), Boggs (HOF), Clemens, Gedman, Strawberry.

Comment: Buckner and Wilson will be linked forever in baseball lore. Considered by many as the most famous error in World Series history (Buckner’s) and the Met who hit it the ball, Mookie Wilson … what an historic autographed box score game card. The other autographed card representing a team (Red Sox) that should never have lost the series but did! Boggs and Clemens would eventually trade their sox for pinstripes for a ring. Another very, very valuable signed box score game card.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):9.2

Player’s History:

World Series Card #0033 – October 15, 1988

Autograph(s): Eckersley (HOF), Gibson, Canseco, Lasorda (HOF);
                      Or select card #2: Gibson, Eckersley

Comment: It is rare in World Series history that the first game can basically dictate who will win the series. But it has happened … 1954 comes to mind. How? Dennis Eckersley whom was untouchable during the 1988 regular season, threw a pitch to Kirk Gibson in game #1 that for all practical purposes decided this series.
Note: The autographs reflect this. Jose Canseco had hit a grand slam earlier in the game to give the A’s a substantial lead. Then, in the ninth, Eckersley came in to close it out. Tommy Lasorda (LA manager) took a gamble a sent up a gimpy Gibson pinch hit.  And bang, the game was over.
A special card in that the four autographs a unique connection to each other.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):9.4

Player’s History:

World Series Card #0034 – October 17, 1989

Autograph(s):Welch (D), Robinson

Comment: One of the most historic games in World Series history that never took place.  Very symbolic having the autographs of the two starting pitchers – Bob Welsh & Don Robinson.  Welsh is one of those MLB pitchers who won over 200 career games with a career ERA under 3.50 and never got his just due.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card):5.5

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0035 – October 27, 1991

Autograph(s): Morris, Puckett (HOF – D);
                       Or select card #2Morris

Comment: Jack Morris had an incredible year for the Twins and he capped it off with this 7th game master piece to give the Twins their first World Series title. Add Kirby Puckett’s (Mr.Twin) autograph to the mix and you have a very nice autographed box score game card.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both):8.5

Player’s history:

World Series Card #0036 – October 23, 1993

Autograph (s) Carter;
Or select card #2:
 Monitor (HOF), Alomar (HOF);

Comment: Only one thing needs to be said … the most historic home run in Canada baseball history – Joe Carter!  The second signed card is by Paul Monitor and Robby Alomar, who together carried the Blue Jays in this WS finale, prior to Carter’s home run.

Grade Level (Box Score Game Card / both) 8.0

Player’s history:

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